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1. One great difference between members of the Nation of Islam and Orthodox Muslims is their perspective on the Qur'an. Orthodox Muslims believe that it was Allah's last revelation to mankind and that this occurred between the years of 610 and 632 CE. The Nation of Islam teachings on the subject are cantradictor. On the one end, they state that they believe in the Qur'an and the writings of all the prophets of God. On the other side, the members also state that they believe that they are the original nation, the writers of the Bible and Qur'an, and the creators of history. 
2. Another discrepancy is in the belief of the personification of Allah. The Nation of Islam professes that Allah appeared in the flesh as W.D. Fard. Orthodox Muslims believe that at no time did Allah appear in any physical form.
3. Al Islam teaches that the Prophet Muhammad was the last of the messengers that Allah has sent to us, and the one for all to follow. The Nation of Islam believes that Elijah Muhammad was also a messenger. He was taught by God himself (W. D. Fard).

1. There is only one God whose name is Allah as well as a belief in Allah's prophets and 
2. But that the first judgment will take place in the United states. 
3. In addition NOI followers see themselves as God's chosen the scriptures they brought to the people. 
4. They follow the Holy Quran and believe in the scriptures of all of the prophets of God. 
5. They also believe in the truth of the Bible but see that its truth has been skewed and misinterpreted. 

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